#Fitness Friday: 4 Minute Workout with Professional Fighter Angelina Musicco

We’re always looking for workouts that we can fit into our busy days, and as much as you’d like to think the “bigger booty challenge” you found on Pintrest will help you, it probably won’t improve your physical health whatsoever (having a booty is nice tho lets be honest). This week for #FitnessFriday I asked friend/ kawaii woman of Toronto/ Float Toronto Ambassador/ professional Muay Thai fighter Angelina Musicco of Body By Chosen training for a quick work out to try.

Be sure to stretch, and wear proper shoes, and something something comfy for this!

This training isn’t easy but it’s done in no time. It’s 20 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest. You can take any four exercises and do the whole routine twice. These are some of Angelina’s favorites to warm up to a MuayThai workout.

Knee hops– From a kneeling position spring up and land on both feet. Come back down to a kneeling position one foot at a time. Spring back up. 20 seconds/ then 10 second rest.

Burpees-  All the way to the floor 20 seconds hard/ then 10 rest Mountain climbers- Plank position feet alternating in and out 20 seconds hard/10 rest

Squat jumps- Squat position to as high as you can jump back into a squat 20 seconds hard /10 rest Do this sequence twice. Go hard! It will burn. Make sure you warm up and stretch carefully after.

For more advanced options contact:  Angelina@bodybychosen.com #ltm and be sure to visit the Body By Chosen website for more information.