#CinemaSunday: Kung Fury (2015)

I’ve been waiting for this film to be released for a while, and good lord was it ever worth the wait. I of course could not just sit home alone and watch the flick, I had to do it at a screening at a friend’s place complete with BBQ, drinks, friends, and dogs. This week’s pick is KUNG FURY.


 Genre:  Action/Comedy

Kung Fury tells the beautiful story of a martial artist, so you already know it’s good, who moonlights as a hitman getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Set in 1985 our hero must go back in time to kill the world’s worst and most terrifying criminal kung fuhrer Hitler. With the police and the mob getting in the way, oh and also a dinosaur-man cop  named Triceracop(who was the real star in my eyes and not reaaaallly in the way I just think he deserved a shout out), the kung fu hitman must team up with the most high tech knowledgeable people and complete his given job and time travel.

FUN FACT: The entire film was funded by a Kickstarter campaign launched nearly two years ago.


This film was everything I wanted it to be, aside from it being too short. I could have watched at least another hour of it to be honest. That’s probably why we watched it twice.


10 Dinosaur-man cops out of 10.


Matthew Gray Gubler
your best friend
dinosaur-man cops in training
Deph Naught


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