#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Real World: Skeletons’ Nicole Zanatta

This week’s #TMITuesday feature had me glued to the screen since her first word on MTV’s The Real World:  Skeletons. I’ll admit that first it was because I couldn’t understand a single world the  23 year woman was saying.  Week after week Nicole stayed in our hearts as an outspoken female who stayed true to her values, and character. I chatted with Zanatta about fitness, the wolf pack, and more!


1. During your time on The Real World: Skeletons you referred to yourself as a bit of a player when it comes to women. Are you still rocking that?

I’m single, I’m going to do me until the right person tames me that’s what it’s going to come down to. I like to have a good time and I definitely don’t want to know what it feels like to be heartbroken. I’m willingly to give it 100%  when I feel it’s worth my wild, it just isn’t in my life right now.

2. It was revealed very early that you are a lesbian, what sort of impact on the LGBT community do you think your time on the show had. What sort of impact do you want to make on the community?

To be honest with you I am not quite sure how or if I had any impact in the LGBT community, I hope if I did it was in a positive way. But who am I to judge, people will have their own opinion. If anything I hope that women of all ages understand what it’s like to just be comfortable in their own skin. Stand up for something you believe in, who cares we all have insecurities just don’t make people aware of them  then they can’t be used against you.  Be who you are and love the life you live never be afraid to be judge, because than you’ll be afraid to live. Haha I hope that all makes sense and I don’t sound like Aristotle.

3. Your off show occupation is a New York EMT, was this something you always wanted to do?

To be honest I’ve always loved helping people. This job is my high it makes me happy when I’m there for people at their worse. It’s exciting and everyday is something new you never know what to expect, I’ll never be bored and the feeling is just incredible

4. Since today is TMI Tuesday, is there anything about yourself, or the show, that you can tell the readers that they may not already know?

Haha anything viewers don’t know…. There’s always something about yourself that people don’t know so I’ll keep it that way. Viewers got to know me for the most part, I can’t speak on anyone else.

Cast Shot

5. You and cast member Jason ended the show on non-speaking terms, what is your relationship like now with Jason (if any)?

What happened happened… Our terms now has been private and I’ll keep it that way until we’re ready to speak about it.

6. On that note, do you keep in touch with any of The Real World: Skeletons cast?

We all know I was the alpha in the wolfpack… I’ll keep it short and sweet I have made best friends with them. The women I keep in contact with all of them as a matter of fact however I definitely FaceTime and talk to Barbie (Madison) every week!

7. You’re an incredibly fit woman (like, your abs are #goals), if you could come up with a 10 minute set of exercises for the readers what would it contain?

As a personal trainer I have to look the part..10 min workout go full body body weights start off with jumping jacks for a minute, squat 25x,pushups 25x, leg raises 25x, 3 sets :

8. Summer is on it’s way, what’s your Summer 2015 song?

Summer song can’t say I have one yet because it was a long cold winter and just feeling like spring (;

9. Do you watch any other reality

Other reality shows of course ! MTV’s The Challenge and I got into  MTV’s “Are you the one” after talking and meeting up with a few of them off camera.

(Nicole with AYTO/Former TMITuesday feature Brianna LaCuesta)

10. What’s next for you Nicole?

What’s next for me… Not sure I believe everything happens for a reason so right now I’m working in a new field (not disclosing) and focusing on myself and going to start training  for the summer bod.

I hope to see Nicole on the next season of The Challenge. Stay tuned next week for an all new #TMITuesday interview with Big Brother runner-up GinaMarie Zimmerman!

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