#CinemaSunday: Father’s Day (2011)

Today is a day to honor all the father, and father figures in our lives. I’m blessed enough to not only still have my dad around, but he’s the one who got me into film, and more importantly horror b-movies. Papa Sin and I watch a b-movie at least once a week together, so Pops this is for you.
This week’s pick is Father’s Day, a clearly well suited title for the day.


 Genre:  Horror/Comedy

This Father’s Day themed flick is all about a serial killer who targets…FATHERS. An Astron-6 film, it combines cheesy fun, and horror is only a way that Astron-6 can do.


This film doesn’t have a TON of rewatch value, but I caught it 3 times which is pretty good.


9 shitty father’s day ties out of 10


Matthew Gray Gubler
your dad
your step dad
your grandpa
Kanye West


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