Geek Out: Atomic Lollipop Takes Over The Ontario Science Center This Weekend

Whenever someone asks me what exactly Atomic Lollipop is I always have a hard time using just one sentence to describe it.  From July 17th to July 19th the geek culture celebration will take over the Ontario Science Center in Toronto. The music festival-fan convention-carnival-circus-pop culture extravaganza  returns with some super special guests.
90’s Europop band Prozzäk will be playing a reunion show on Saturday where I plan to scream every lyric at the top of my lungs despite my lack of vocal talents. On the same night, Wooden Wisdom which is made up of  Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie play a high-voltage, all-vinyl DJ set.
    You can also expect archery tag, nerdy burlesque, bouncy castles, cotton candy, light saber battle, crazy cool cosplay, and so much more.

Fandom meets music festival meets carnival at Atomic Lollipop, it’s the only event where you can go to a Harry Potter panel in the day, and play “D**k or No D**ck at night. With this year being the second at The Science Center for the event you can also expect the exhibits to be open! Hungry for snacks and nostalgia? Grab something from the 90’s Nostalgia cafe such as Lunchables, Fruit Gushers and more!

Come out and get your geek on tomorrow with over 200 attractions, panels, craft workshops and of course lil ol’ me covering hte event and fangirling a whole bunch. To grab tickets head over to the Atomic Lollipop Official Website .  And be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for live coverage of the event!