Yeah, yeah another Deph Naught pun, and I’m stretching a bit here with this week’s OOTD.  But just deal with it.



Deph Naught has a pretty great hair game going for him, probably constantly inspired by his bff Lane Dorsey. Ladies, we can mimic this with some tossled locks. You know the look only a few women have naturally while the rest of us spend close to an hour trying to make it look like this? Yeah that look.


“Black hoodie, white undershirt, sweatpants. I like ’em loose so I can do kung-fu”
So I took that line from the Trophies remix, and took out the undershirt, and sweatpants. It’s also an easy, cute, and comfortable look.

cop this exact dress


Some sort of sneaker feels like a DN look, but I had to make it a little fashion ya know? I am in LOVE with these high top Nikes.

Cop them here 


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