#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Rapper and MTV Personality Jay Dillinger

This week’s feature first made his way into our lives on MTV’s The Real World, shocking us all with a secret (as most do on the show, or else whyyyy would we watch it?). Marlon Williams aka Jay Dillinger is more than a reality TV personality, he’s a rapper, designer, and soon to be mogul. I sat down to become BFFs with the music maker, and talk to him about his inspirations, his past roommates and more in this week’s #TMITuesday! 


1. If you could gather a dream team of producers, vocalists, rappers, and writers to collab with on a track who would be on the team, and why?

My list would be Jon Bellion, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. I mean all these guys to me are the most talented musicians. I don’t care about fame I listen to the quality of the music first. Each of these guys bring real artistic quality to music. Being in a studio with these three people you have no chance a failure. Whatever is made will be dope as hell. Lyrically, production wise, and overall energy from these three just breathes success. You can’t go wrong!2. Who/what inspires you?

Tupac is still my biggest inspiration I don’t think any artist can take his place. To be more current I ride with Kendrick all day! Jon Bellion, Drake, and Meek Mill is hit or miss for me. That’s really about it for me. 3. Since today is #TMITuesday, is there anything about you that you can tell readers that they may not already know?
Haaaaaaaa um I gave up my faith in God. Well not God but the bible. I think there is an ultimate creator for sure. I just feel looking at the people that say they are Christians and their actions makes me dislike Christianity. 2 I’ve studied a lot about the bible over the last couple of years. I mean A LOT. I studied where it comes from, the people who wrote it, and the history during the time the stories were written. After learning so much I feel like there is way to much that has been taking out of context. Also there are a lot of discrepancies or questionable translation for me. Overall I believe there is a God and he has left instructions on how we should live this life I just don’t think the bible is as pure as Christians try to say it is. 

4. Being a challenge veteran with a top 3 win under your belt, and a Real World alumni how do you think you would react to the latest season’s twists i.e bring the roommates’ exes into the Real World house, or the exile island twist on the latest season of The Challenge ?

Well I’m still a challenge rookie lol. I’ve only done one. All in all I think its dope. I think MTV is really trying to bring life back to the brand. After all these new reality tv shows have come out they really took the forefront. MTV Real World and Challenge hasn’t really been as popping as these new shows. With these new twists and plots they are really making a big move. I hope they keep it going its a good look. 

You can watch Marlon on The Challenge here 

5. What do you think your music says about you?
My music says growth. That simple. From album to album I drop you get to grow with me as a person. My music is very personal. It’s my life in all its ups and downs. I’m a young man trying to figure out life while trying to reach big dreams.

6. If you could choose on track as your “theme song” what would it be, and why?

Jay Dillinger “No Love” thats me all day. That’s my mindset in life.Tweet me, and lemme know what you think of the track @thenikkisin using the hashtag #JDonTMITuesday7. I’m really into, as much as I squirm when I watch, surgery reality shows right now. Do you watch any reality TV shows? 

Naw not really a big reality tv guy. I don’t even watch Real World or Challenge. I’m always doing music or designing shirts. I’m a hustler watching tv isn’t really on my to do list.

8. Who is your dream partner on “The Challenge”?
Dang thats a tough question because it depends on what the theme is. If it’s based purely on physical ability I’m going with Jordan or CT. If it’s more based on the politics I’m going with Johnny. If its based on smarts then either Jordan or Sarah Rice.

9. It’s been a few years, but do you keep in touch with any of your Real World castmates?

Mostly Anastasia thats my homie. We see life on the same level in so many ways. Nia every once in awhile. Jess hits me up when they are doing casting calls.
10. What’s next for you?
Hell I’m doing: Music music music. That’s it. Black Thought Album is out right now. Definitely need to get that download. Plus this one is for the free.

Get it right off the website http://thejdillinger.com

Stay tuned this Friday for an all new #fitnessFriday post, and every week for new posts!

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