#FitnessFriday: Johnedel Rubi’s Ab Circuit

I’m lucky enough to know a collective group of interesting, and complete weirdos in my life. Over a decade ago I met Johnedel, who is now serving our country, and staying fit. When I asked JR to come up with a work-out routine for my blog he jumped at the chance to share his knowledge, and here it is:

Start off with a warmup  to get your heart rate going:
25 jumping jacks
high knees for 30 seconds
butt kicks for 30 seconds
side shuffle for 30 seconds both sides
then make sure to do a quick stretch to not pull any muscles!
it’ll be a quick circuit with a little bit of cardio in between doing all 6 ab workouts simultaneously, finishing off with 10 burpees and resting for a minute:
30 Crunches
20 Leg raises
20 Cycling cross crunches
20 Heel touches
30 russian twists
1 min plank
10 burpees rest for a minute repeat 3 times
then dont forget to do a cooldown in the end with a stretch