#CinemaSunday: Hellions (2015)

TIFF has come and gone for another year and aside from the traffic, I miss it already. This year the film festival brought to me, an instant Halloween classic from Pontypool director Bruce McDonald with Hellions starring Canadian actress Chloe Rose (Degrassi, Teenagers). To prepare for my FAVOURITE time of year, and the return of #CinemaSunday I checked out the film and chose it for this week’s review. The film also was chosen earlier this year for Sundance!

I mean, Bruce McDonald also directed Hardcore Logo 2, so how could I NOT watch this film.


 Genre:  Horror/drama/thriller

On Halloween night, Dora (played by Chloe Rose) discovers she’s pregnant, and spends the night in as her family goes trick or treating.
The end.

Jk. The teen must endure what look like Children of The Corn cosplayers in potato sacks as they come knocking Trick or Treat style, the treat being Dora’s unborn child.

The film also stars Robert Patrick whom you may know from the iconic  Terminator 2: Judgement Day, as well as TV series Sons of Anarchy, and the X-Files.   And fellow former Degrassi star Luke Bilyk (currently filming Adam’s Testament)


Although the film takes on a typically generic premise for a film (girl gets chased and hunted by things) I really enjoyed this film. Rose does a fantastic job of being scared and making the audience feel the same, while remaining strong.


9.5 Katy Matlin for President posters out of 10

who should watch this




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