#CinemaSunday: Magi (2015)

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFULLLL TIIMMEEE OF THE YEEAAARRRRR! October, which means Halloween is SO CLOSE. As per usual I will dedicate the entire month to horror for Cinema Sundays! For this first week I chose a Turkish film from earlier this year, because 2015 has been fantastic for the genre. Take a look at Magi:


 Genre:  Horror/drama/thriller

A New York journalist travels to Turkey after her sister announces that she is pregnant with the child of a man whom she recently ended a relationship with. Despite the relationship ending, Marla, sister of Olivia decides to keep the child and that’s when something than evil occurs.


I’m not the biggest fan of horror that relies on loud noises and things jumping out at me to scare me. This film defiantly does that, but managed to keep my attention throughout the film, though that may have been because I was watching to laugh at Stephen Baldwin who for some reason is in this film.


6 Baldwins out of 10

who should watch this

Tina Fey
Who ever decided it was okay to make a Minions movie
Fans of the very unrelated Magi anime