#MusicMonday: Artist of the Week

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: rapper lil dicky

This week’s AOTW didn’t grow up in Compton, or rough streets of NYC. But a lack of rough upbringing doesn’t not stop his talent or flow. David Burd aka Lil Dicky first released his video for “Ex Boyfriend” on Youtube a few years ago, and within 24 hours it hit 1 million views.

When asked about his rap career, Lil Dicky stated “simply to get attention comedically, so I could write movies, write TV shows and act.” However, he “fell in love with rapping” and says he’s “not leaving that game until I’ve proved my point.”

Aside from his flow, attitude, and lyrics what I like so much about the Jewish rapper is how real and honest he is. His debut album “Professional Rapper” dropped in July of this year and I’m hoping to hear a lot more from him.

The “Lemme Freak” artist graduated from university and worked in an advertising agency prior to launching his what I expect to be very successful rap career.

It’s refreshing to see an artist try to prove themselves, instead of expecting instant gratitude, and fame.

The latest track from Dicky which features Fetty Wap, and Rich Homie Quan has a video that likely cost less than my tuition, which in rap is not common.

Hey Burd, if you ever need a cheap video hoe, you know cheap as in it won’t cost a lot not like I’m a cheap woman but like…you get it… holla…

Lil Dicky is currently on his “Looking Love Tour” and will hit Toronto this month!

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new #TMITuesday interview!


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