#CinemaSunday: Burying The Ex (2015)

Is there an advent calendar type deal for Halloween? There should be. Week 2 of the biggest, and best month for horror films and this week I went for something a little lighter. Horror-Comedy films can either be really good, or absolutely terrible, take a look at this week’s pick Burying The Ex:


 Genre:  Horror/Comedy

Breaking up isn’t always hard to do, well not when moments before you plan to do so your girlfriend gets hit by a bus which is ex. When Max (played by Anton Yelchin) regrets moving in with girlfriend Evelyn (played by Ashley Greene) he decides that breaking up with her is the best move. Unfortunately Max doesn’t get the chance to do any breaking up when Evelyn is killed by a bus. Wasting almost no time moving on Max meets Olivia and is back on the love train once again. To everyone’s surprise Evelyn rises from the dead with the intentions of picking up right back where she and Max were prior to her demise.


I’m really not into the zombie genre, sure I have a few guilty pleasures with Warm Bodies, and Night of the Living Dead, but most recent undead flicks have trouble keeping my attention. This is a fun movie though, and the comedic value of the sitcom-like shenanigans of this film kept me watching.


8 zombie girlfriends out of 10

who should watch this

Chelsea Handler
your cousin Phil