#CinemaSunday: Bunnyman Massacre (2011)

I’m often asked where I find my picks for Cinema Sunday, and the truth is I find them pretty much everywhere. This week’s pick was found in the bargain bin at a department store but boy is it an absolute GEM.
Continuing with my month of horror,  I bring you: BUNNYMAN MASSACRE.


 Genre:  Horror/Slasher

The plot leans on a simple horror cliché premise, with a little twist. A group of less than intelligent teens find  themselves stalked, and killed by a deranged individual. THIS INDIVIDUAL HAPPENS TO B E IN A BUNNY SUIT.


Fun Fact: The film spawned a sequel in 2014


I really am a sucker for slasher films, I grew up loving them, and basing a lot of my script ideas on classics such as Psycho, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Black Christmas. I got a weird almost Rob Zombie feel from this flick, mainly from the bunny-field chase scene in The Devil’s Rejects.  This film is delightful, and a little gorey to my pleasant surprise.


8.5  bunny suits out of 10

who should watch this

your bff
Jessica Biel
Mia Farrow
Your friend Derrick