#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Are You One 3 Star Zak Longo

Who doesn’t love a man with a sense of humor? This week’s feature is taking over Vine, and our TVs on MTV’s hit reality-competitive-dating show in it’s third season “Are You The One?”. Zak Longo and I sat down to talk about his connection to my home/hotline bling city, his time on AYTO, what he plans to do next, and  obviously we become BFFs in this #TMITuesday post!


1. Did you go into the AYTO mansion looking for love, or money?

After living in LA for the past few years I came to realize that the dating pool is more like a shallow puddle. 

I work very hard to earn money, and I am blessed to have such an amazing lifestyle. I get to experience a lot of adventurous, and memorable moments. The only part missing was someone to share it with… So long story short: Love.

2. Since today is #TMITuesday, is there anything you can tell the readers of thenikkisin.com about you that they may not already know?

I’m an open book, if there is anything they want to know they can ask, or see it on my snapchat haha (@zaklongo #plug).

3. Your Vines/Snapchats are hilarious, are there any Vine stars you would like to work with?

I would love to work with @Kingbach. I remember when I first got Vine and came across his work. Super talented guy, probably the funniest person in the short form comedy.

4. Do you keep in touch with any of your former castmates?

We all have a massive group-chat. It’s like an annoying family reunion 24/7 haha. I love them all but I had to turn off my notifications. I can hardly handle texting one person, never mind 19! But I talk to them all individually all the time.

5. Alright, who has the better man bun, you or Charles?

We actually have a gang called the #ManBunBoys… Put it this way- during one of my interviews in Hawaii, one of the producers stopped the cameras to ask what I use in my hair, and if I could “pass the bottle to Chuck.” (Chuck you’re welcome)

6. You’ve appeared as an actor on a TV series in the past where unlike reality TV you are far less vulnerable, which did you find more difficult: reality TV or scripted TV? (and why)

Acting in scripted projects is very technical. You are working in 30 second bursts during a take. Your emotions get switched on and off.

In reality TV on a show like AYTO, you are far more vulnerable because you become desensitized to being filmed 24-7. 

So to answer your question, scripted is more difficult because you’re aware of the cameras. After day 2 on on AYTO I didn’t even notice the cameras. Everything was very real which made it easy to forget about the production. 

7. Along with Drake, Deer Team Six, The Weeknd, and myself, you are also a fellow 6ixer, where is your favourite place to party in Toronto?

My favorite place to party in Toronto has to be EFS (shoutout to @Kirboni).

I also love going to the new spot by the Bent-Lee’s and Drake called “Fring’s.”


8. So far this season of AYTO has been crazy, what’s it like to watch it all unfold on screen as opposed to in the house?

It’s crazy IN the house but even crazier to watch on TV. When you’re there you only see the stuff you’re around or involved in. Meanwhile in another part of the house there may be a melt down, romance, or fight you never knew was happening.

9. Who is your “celebrity perfect match”?

My celebrity perfect match… Tough question- living in LA, i’m used to being attracted to someone until they open their mouth! I’d have to spend 10 weeks in a house with them before I could give you an answer.

(Zak obvi meant to say Nikki Sin)

10. What’s next for you Zak?

I’m a filmmaker and producer. I own and operate a production company called “Panda Propaganda.”  We’re off to Australia then Mexico to film next week.

 I also love making short comedic videos, and making people laugh. I live and breath production so I will always be either behind or in front of a camera! image1.PNG

Keep up with Zak on social media:

Instagram: @ZakLongo
Twitter & Vine & Periscope @ZakLongo

Snaphat: Zak Longo

And catch him, and the rest of the AYTO 3 cast tomorrow at 10pm on MTV!