#FitnessFriday Range of The Week: Fit Mix Supplements

I often think Canada needs  to step it’s supplement game up, because I’m more so into American and especially UK products. From Mini V, to Vidar, to Mark Long’s Pocket Protein;

This week’s product range pick is Fit Mix which contains appetite suppressants, fat burning supplements, protein, and hair/nail growth capsules.

Developed by Kate Thorne, in the UK, and promoted mostly by herself, paired with her long time boyfriend James Tindale (seen below via The Daily Mail)  whom you may remember from series 1-10 of MTV’s Geordie Shore Fit Mix has a wide range of products aimed to help you get fit, and stay healthy while doing so.

Additonally available from the Fit Mix website are a few diet plans, which can be used as template/guideline to create a plan that works for you.

To purchase your own Fit Fix products click here for details !
And stay tuned to http://www.thenikkisin.com for an upcoming #TMITuesday interview with Fit Mix owner Kate Thorne!