Happy Halloween!

Today is my favourite day of the year, so I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Halloween and thank you for your overwhelming love and support.  I know you were sort of expecting something spoooooopppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, sorrynotsorry.

Your reads, views, shares, comments, and telling your friends about this site are what keep it going. I mean also my hard work to providing new and interesting content every week, but y’all are the real MVP.
I intend to continue to produce new posts and give readers the best in pop-culture/lifestyle (film , music, TV, fitness, events, & fashion): Nikki Sin style, for fans worldwide (Ghana readers I SEE YOU <3!)

So take this time to pat yourself on the back, and then get back to your last minute costume making because your friend is forcing you to go out tonight to likely drink from red solo cups and take tacky Insta pics, and boring Snapchats that you can send to me to share in your pain at: SIKKININ. HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEENNNN!


Gossip Girl


Here is me, circa ’95 celebrating this glorious day shoutout to Mama Sin for this shot: