#CinemaSunday: Halloween Ressurection (2002)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN HANGOVER! I’m certain you’re either:

buried in a shameful pile of candy wrappers
just returning home from a costumed walk of fame (AIN’T NO SHAME)
hungover af
or picking through your child’s candy for “safety” aka getting all your favs

No matter the case, I have you covered as always for a horror film to soothe your Sunday blues. I had to choose something very themed, obviously, and this week’s pick is a classic (which yes is weird to say about a film from ’02 but lets face it, we’re old now ok).
Halloween: Ressurection stars some of the early 2000s biggest stars including Busta Rhymes, and Tyra Banks, and never fails to get me in the spoopy spirit.


 Genre:  Horror/Slasher/Classic

The Halloween film series spans across 10+ films (including remakes, Rob Zombie baby I see you), this one is one of my all time favourites. Co-written by horror legend John Carpenter, Halloween: Resurrection tells the story of a cast of a reality show getting killed off.

Pausing for unnecessary comments about someone killing the Kardashians (I’m a doll fan ok)

The twist? The show is being filmed in the old Myers’ home in Haddenfield, uh oh.

Fun Fact:  Jamie Lee Curtis ironically stars as the dean in Ryan Murphy’s Fox hit TV series ‘Scream Queens’


I’m a huge Busta fan, seeing him in a horror movie is pretty much all I need in life lets be honest.


9.5 Tyra yelling at a model GIFs of out 10

who should watch this

your bff
Tiffany from ANTM (be quiet)
anyone named Dirk
Sherri Moon Zombie