#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Singer/Songwriter Beth Sherburn

This week’s feature is a Birmingham-born singer songwriter.  Currently embarking on a school tour  across the West Midlands, the UK star shot to fame with her debut track ‘Joker’ featuring Lil Wayne.
I sat down to ask the blonde-bombshell about her inspirations, who she would like to work with, find out her ‘pump up’ track and more in this week’s interview.


1. Who or what inspires you?

My passion for music! I want to be a success which means to work hard! I have so much fun in this industry, and I get to meet some Amazing people. My inspiration is to be the best I can be as an artist /musician/performer.

There are many artists over the years that have influenced me musically, when I was younger my parents used to listen to Dusty Springfield Carole King, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys the latter of which was my initial inspiration to write songs.

I was listening to a lot of Coldplay whilst writing my EP, lyrically they definitely inspire me! Listening to their songs made me want to write something that was simple, so the main focus was my vocals, just like their amazing track ‘Fix You’ but with a powerful climax at the end.

My style icons are Rosie Whitely Huntington she always looks effortlessly chic!

I love JLO!!! She always kills it on the red carpet but she’s got major street style too! I love how she changes her look to suit her mood! I love her stage outfits they are always cool, glitzy and fierce!

2. Everyone has that one song that REALLY pumps them up, what is that song for you?

I’m loving Years on Years at the moment! I always sing ‘King’ when I see my friends in the car! I wanted to sing an acoustic raw performance of this song, to put my own stamp on it! I mashed it up With the Brandon Flowers track  ‘Can’t deny my love’  I was having a jamming session with my band and I just thought it would be a really cool idea to do a mashup of the two tracks! They are both really great current songs! Check out my cover on YouTube!

3. How did you get your start in the music industry?

It’s been a gradual journey really! I knew i wanted to pursue a career in music from the age of 6! Its what Ive always wanted to do..I’ve always worked really hard studying music…I participated in local/national competitions from a young age, I performed in musicals (Don Quixote) starring alongside George Costigan and Matthew Kelly.. I Attended music/choir/gospel Choirs/writing workshops, singing lessons as well as performing at many world class venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, NIA Arena, Manchester Arena…its been an amazing journey so far and supporting The Saturdays was a fantastic experience as well as performing at Wembley Arena! That was a dream come true for me!

4. What’s an average day like for you?

It’s always a busy day for me which is great. I’m always writing whether I am travelling or in the studio! I have been on the road a lot recently with the school tour but i still manage to fit the time in for band rehearsals as well as dance rehearsals for shows! It is important to keep myself fit and healthy in this industry so fitness is important in my day to day life as well as having my singing lessons 🙂

5. Since today is #TMITuesday, is there anything you can tell the readers ofthenikkisin.com about you?

My favourite city is New York!

I have a phobia of heights big time!! For Red Nose Day this year I actually abseiled down a 100 ft building!! The BBC were there filming me so there was no way i could back out of the challenge! I managed to do it…but I have never been so scared in my life!!

6. What would you say is your “theme song”?

I am excited to be releasing a Christmas song called Snow Angels I have worked with a fantastic songwriter called Chris Eaton who has written many Christmas hits.

7. So far, what has been your favourite part of your school tour?

I think my favourite part is interacting with the students and getting the important Cyber Bullying message across! It’s also an amazing feeling as an artist hearing the students sing back the lyrics to Joker!

8. You’ve already had a huge hit with Lil Wayne, are there any other rappers, or artists you’d like to work with on a track?

I love Beyonce, shes the ultimate diva!  The energy She creates on stage is incredible! And Jay Z is amazing! I was lucky enough to see them perform together at the 02 and for me seeing them sing together was the highlight of the Mrs Carter Show!

9. What can we expect from any of your new music?

I have always been a lyricist! But My sound has definitely matured, I’ve grown as an artist. I like to be really descriptive when writing..I’ve pushed myself and this is because I have been experimenting more in the studio. I’ve been more involved in the production side of my music and I’ve loved it!
I  wanted to raised the bar…I’ve added more flavour into my music filled with cool catchy hooks!

It’s been more of a natural process this time around I have taken my time in the studio…I’ve listened to different/quirky/natural elements of sound reflecting this in my material!

10. What’s next for you Beth?

I have been working really hard on my EP ready to be released next year, I will definitely be touring for the EP so stay tuned!

Keep up with Sherburn on Youtube & Twitter, and stay tuned for an all new #TMITuesday interview next week!