#CinemaSunday: Herencia Diabólica (1994)

I have a list of strange irrational fears, ranging from particular fruits, to words, so it may seem like I’m easy to scare but I’m not. Growing up, the only two films to scare me: Jaws (I’m good with it now though.), and  Stephen King’s IT; which brings me to today’s pick. Maybe it was the age of the film, maybe it was not being to fully understand it because its Mexican cinema, or maybe…juuuusssttt maybe ITS THE LITTLE PERSON CLOWN KILLER. This week’s pick is 1994’s Herencia Diabólica and honestly I’m still unsettled.


 Genre:  Horror/drama/thriller

Herencia Diabólica is the story of killer clown doll Payasito being creepy, and well, killing folk. Do I really need to say more? It was listed in a “Top 10 Killer Midget Movies” list.


Again, it could have been the age of the film, but I’m certain Payasito will haunt my dreams of eating cotton candy with Ariana Grande in unicorn onesies forever. It has it’s cheese factors of course, if I didn’t have a clown phobia I would have laughed the entire film.


4.5 killer clown dolls out of 10 (ok but why would I want 10 killer clown dolls…)

who should watch this

not me again ever
Frankie Grande
Who ever decided it was okay to make a Minions movie