#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Are You The One 3 Star Charles Mowrey

You know this week’s interviewee from MTV’s Are You The One, and probably your best friend’s #MCM posts. The surfing man with better hair than mine, Chuck Mowrey sat down to answer some questions about his time on the show, spill some hair care tips, fill me in on who he keeps in touch with and more in this week’s interview!


1. What were your expectations going into the AYTO mansion?
My expectations going in where to simply have fun and make this experience worth it. I went in preparing for “Sexy Summer Camp”
2. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?
For the longest time my theme song was “No Girlfriend – ModSun. I was really hoping for that to change when I got in the house haha.

3. Aside from AYTO do you watch any other reality TV shows?
I don’t. 1., I don’t have tv. 2., the only reality TV i like is the intense stuff like Deadliest Catch. 
4. Alright, let’s get your hair care secrets, or least a tip or two?
Saltwater. All day every day. Saturate, rinse, and repeat. 
5. How has your life changed since appearing on the show?
My friends make more fun of me and my ego and Brazil has become a top priority for my immediate future. 
6. What’s an average day like for you? 
Wake up, shake my hair and rock the man bun. Drink an entire pot of coffee, watch some cartoons, then its off to the boats. I typically teach scuba diving classes in the morning. Two dives with all kinds of ocean creatures, everyday. After I put the boat away and unload all of the gear, I rinse off and head over to the gym where I lift for between 1-2 hours. 
7. Who would you say is your “celebrity twin” ?
God after the show has come out it seems fans have at least 15 dudes I look like, but personally, I think my favorite has been the blonde bully kid from Hocus Pocus and also a hippy Paul Walker.

8.  Do you keep in touch with any of your former cast mates?
Chuck and Big D baby!! Devin and I keep in touch here and there. I also keep in touch with Connor, Austin, Britni, and Kiki. I met a lot of wonderful people in that house and I hope that some of us can keep that friendship alive, at least for awhile. Though its hard for me since Im stranded in the middle of an ocean.
9. Describe this season of Are You The One in 5 words:
Chuck and Big D baby.

10. Whats next for you Charles?
I hope to pursue more modeling ventures and travel the world with my brother, Dillon, gaining experience and education to open up our full service dive shop. Look out world here comes the Mowery dive life.

Stay tuned this week for an all new #FitnessFriday! And catch Chuck on an all new episode of Are You The One tomorrow at 10pm on MTV