#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Fit Mix UK Creator & Fitness Specialist Kate Thorne

You may remember a few weeks ago for #FitnessFriday I raved about a supplement range ‘Fit Mix’ from the UK. This week’s feature is the creator of the brand, a selfie queen, French bulldog mom, and a former cameo on MTV’s Geordie Shore. I sat down to chat with Kate Thorne about fitness, dog exercises, her eyebrow game and more in this week’s post!


1. What inspired you to start your range of supplements “Fit Mix”?

Well I wanted a range of girly sups that did what their supposed to specifically for us girls from fat loss and toning to improving your skin/hair/nails and kicking that bloated feeling! Along with my personal diet and training guides so girls can get stuck in with me to!


2. Take us through an average day for you:

Get up and take my little frenchie on an ankle weight walk just me not him haha, then I would come back take all my supplements and have breakfast which is usually a omelet! Then I usually train for 1 hour and go to work as I work in a gym so I live in the gym! I work till about 9pm the. Bath, comfys on and eat! 

3. What songs would we find on your workout playlist?

Well my gym playlist is mixed,  I love r’n’b!  A lot of Usher, Tyga, Nelly, Drake but then I love pop too so anything that’s in the charts!

4. On the note (pun intended) of music, what would you say is your ‘theme song’?

My theme song as to be Jason Derulo wiggle because my ass is huge hahaha


5. Since today is #TMITuesday, is there something you can tell the readers about you that they may not know about you already?

Well I used to travel a lot to run for my county, so growing up I was an all rounder I only really excelled at sports nothing else! My guilty pleasure is sitting with no bra no makeup being a sloth eating jellys in bed watching Twilight films!

6. You and your (rumoured to be) fiance James Tindale are both in the fitness game, do you two ever have friends competitions? Races, etc?

We sometimes train together so we often have a squat off who can squat more which I will add I can keep up! 

7. I have to ask, as I lurked your Instagram I saw how on point your eyebrow game is, which products do you use? #BROWGAMESTRONG

Well they haven’t always been good! I used to shave them when I was younger no idea why! So over time the ends wouldn’t grow back so I got hen semi perm tattooed and it’s the best thing I ever did! All I have to do is get them threaded now and gain no products needed! 

8. Do you have an advice for women looking to get into fitness?

You must eat! I would recommend 4 smaller meals a day to boost your metabolism up! Have some high carb days and some low to spike things up! Don’t live in a diet, change it up all the time or the body will get used to it! Have fun with your workouts try and train a different muscle group each time! And don’t weigh yourself! Step off the scales, and take a picture each week in a morning on the same day just feel good don’t worry about a number! 

9. You have one of the cutest French Bulldogs I’ve ever seen, do you incorporate Arnie into your workouts?

My pride and joy doesn’t do the gym haha but he’s so muscley!!! We take him on 5 mile walks with weights on us so he’s super fit!


10. What’s next for you Kate?

Next for me is too build my personal training business worldwide! I really want it to be a brand! And hopefully I will be moving out of the country soon ! And have more frenchies!