#MusicMonday: Kyga Split? Back Together? Who Knows.

If you downloaded the terribly hateful filter to assure your computer does not show Kardashian/Jenner posts then you’re not reading this and you’re also incredibly hateful yourself.

This weekend social media, and entertainment sites alike were blasted with rumours of the break-up of rapper Tyga , and media mogul Kylie Jenner.

The rumours circulated this past weekend of Jenner breaking up with the rapper on his birthday.Followed the release of Tyga’s track ‘Happy Birthday’ where it is suggested the rapper says “ ‘Think I’m worried ’bout a rumour?‘ and potentially calling the reality TV star ‘lame.’ with Thursday to Thursday I’m on my s***, I’m on ma job like these h*** on ma d***.  Lame is all you’ll ever be. Game – got the whole set repping me. I do this all the time, why you look surprised?

And less than 24 hours after circulation of these rumours, Tyga dropped “Happy Birthday’ and a photo of him in studio on his Instagram. While the fashion designer, and wig enthusiast Kylie stated she was ‘healing’ on her social media .
Yet, hours later Jenner posted a snapchat photo of entwined hands that appear to belong to herself, and Tyga while telling everyone to ‘chill’

Chill? After Thursday's split, she then confused fans on Saturday by hinting that the romance might be back on already, but the picture was removed by Sunday

I mean, I personally will not chill because I have to ask WHY DOES HE HAVE HIS SHOES ON HER BED LIKE THAT? #rude.

But leave it to Jenner to attempt to set the record straight by utilizing social media. She and supermodel sister Kendall arrived at the American Music Awards red carpet last, leaving no time for reporters to ask her about the potential split.  My theory? They never broke up at all.


One thought on “#MusicMonday: Kyga Split? Back Together? Who Knows.

  1. Anon says:

    You think it’s “hateful” to download a filter that would block out all Kardashian / Jenner posts? Why don’t you look past your tiny little bubble of perspective & notice what’s REALLY important in this world. People are downloading apps like that because Kardashian/ Jenner and most other celebrity content posted by the media is trash. And people who are able to utilize more than 1% of their brain power realize it’s not worth their time to follow such garbage, as there are SO many other things to consume your life’s time with. Obviously the media bombards all of us with this Kardashian garbage, so in some cases it might be necessary for someone to download such an app so that they could access their world news without looking at bullshit that doesn’t matter. Hateful? Are you aware there is a crisis on the other side of the planet right now? Are you aware that war is happening? Why don’t you do a little research about what is happening in Syria right now. How about you write posts about something to do with the Syrian refugee crisis? Nobody fucking cares about the Kardashians, Jenner’s, or any of the washed up MTV “stars” you interview. Especially not with what’s happening on our planet right now.

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