#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV Personality,Host, and Artist Nick Brown

This week’s feature was first introduced to my life on MTV’s hit reality series “The Real World”, during their Hollywood season. From episode 1 you could see Nick Brown’s ambition and charisma. Since then Nick has done what many from the show do, and appeared on MTV’s The Challenge.
With a new single out Brown sat down to chat with me about his music,  become BFFS, find out which cast members he keeps in touch with (hint, hint one of them is tying the knot!), discover some NSFW facts about him, and more in this week’s #TMITuesday.


1. Who, or what inspires you, and your music?

I have many musical inspirations who are songwriters, artist or producers. But who inspires me to do this is my mother. The what, is being able to utilize this as a way to provide her and my dad a more comfortable life..and with faith..and time..and patience, it will happen.


2. You recently released a track, can you tell me about the creative process going into this?

I.LOVE.THIS.SONG.. This one has been more special to me than any of the others I have written for sure. Creatively, the inspiration behind the topic of the song came from my real life situations meeting women on spring break in south padre. All the lyrics pertain to different people..but together the song is written as if its about one girl I meet a the club who I’d like to leave with. The beat I sat with my producer (@GspenceProducer) and we pieced it together through my melody. I have never been so hands on with every detail behind the creation of a song. Even after I recorded the lyrics, I went back and added things to the beat. 


3. How does social media play a role in your life and career?

I’m personally not into posting and tweeting for attention but I know it is the an important of creating a platform in order to effectively marketing myself as a brand and my music for people to enjoy.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday, is there something about you that you can tell readers that they may not already know about you?

Hmmm..TMI… lets see…I think a TMI most people wouldn’t know about is I tend to change condoms mid sex sometimes lol. I’m always scared of a burst.

5. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?

“Leave With You” is a FULL story.. The lyrics walk your through the first time you see the girl and what you think..to then telling her all the reasons why she should be interested in leaving with you 😊


6. It was quite a bit ago, but do you keep in touch with any of your former MTV castmates?

SURE! I Keep in touch with Will..who btw is is getting married! We met up a few weeks ago while he was visiting NY.  I speak to Dave every once in a while. I talk to a lot of people that weren’t in my season as well.. Syrus, Parisa, Jay G, Bruno.. we all connect with people on different levels for different reasons.


7. If you could collab with one current artist/or producer who would it be and why?

Thats easy.. Max Martin. He just has an amazing ear for music and writes and produces songs without conforming to “what going on now”. Ester Dean also comes to mine for her amazing songwriting talents. I’d love to learn the business from either of them.


8. Whats an average day like for you?

My Days change everyday.. I could be going on 1 audition or 3…May have a studio session, dinner date, grinding on my computer for hours trying to figure ways to help better myself…hosting an event…personal training. Every day different. For instance, today I worked from home and went to bible study. Tomorrow I have to train a client at 5am then I have a Skype Meeting followed going shopping with my stylist for a shoot I have coming up in a week. Always changing..forever grinding.


9. I interview a lot of reality TV personalities, do you watch any reality TV shows?

I HONESTLY try to stay away from watching. I haven’t watched a challenge or Real world in YEARS…every once in a while I will get sucked into VH1 shows while channel surfing, but since Ive gotten older I have been all about self discovery, so I would rather read.

10. Whats next for you Nick? 

Next for me.. My Song goes platinum and I gain enough exposure in order to step back and shine light on a few talented artist I work with. I’d love to Host another show. More than anything whats next is more personal growth.

Stay connected with Nick Brown via facebook here, and stay tuned for an all new #FitnessFriday this week with an MTV, and AfterBuzz babe !



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