#FitnessFriday: MTV Personality Brittany Baldi’s Travel Workout

Fitness to me is a lifestyle. I grew up hungry for adventure and always feeling the urge to do something fun. I played sports all throughout my early childhood years and teens. As an adult I compete on competition shows like MTV The Challenge, and my tomboy ways help me out while I am sports and entertainment broadcasting.

Over the years my style of working out has changed. I went from living in the gym 6 times a week to now mostly using self body weight, light weight training, and mainly outdoor activities.

My style of working out consists of being outdoor. I love to go for outdoor hikes, runs, and fast paced walks. I love using my own body weight for exercises such as squats and lunges. For me, this style of working out suits my petite naturally athletic body frame. It allows me to stay lean with packing on just the right amount of muscle tone.

This style of working out is key for me because I tend to be on the road a lot. No gym? No problem. Just head to the nearest football stadium and run some stairs, there is your stair master and leg workout all in one. Feel the need to brush off some stress? Fnd the nearest beach and take a nice long jog alongside the ocean… and Hey, its amazing cardio too! I love being outdoor. It is my safe haven.

Gyms are great too. Sometimes I love to take a Zumba, kickboxing, or even a yoga class. I encourage you all to try out different methods of working out and see what works best for your body. Do what makes you feel comfortable. You need to be happy while you work out, if you’re not… the routine will become mundane and you will not stick with it. Make it a lifestyle, find exercises that you enjoy doing.

Make sure you’re also fueling your body properly. A healthy balanced diet is key and drinking lots of water very important. Yes, you can have a slice of cheesecake… just not every night. Eat in moderation, do no starve yourself, and it is okay to have “cheat days”, we are all human.

Remember to enjoy life. Be happy with your body and find exercises and foods that you enjoy. Make your soul happy and everything will fall into place.

Photos by Mike Zotos: performer.com