#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Bad Girl’s Club Star Jela

This week’s feature is a take no sh*t kinda woman who made her way into our lives on Oxygen’s hit show “Bad Girl’s Club”. I sat down to talk to Jela about her time on the show, find out whta she listens to during her photo shoots, get some dirt on her fellow cast mates and more for #TMITuesday.


1. Did you watch any other seasons of Bad Girls Club before appearing on your season?

Yes, I’ve watched it over the years. jelaNikkiSininterview1
2. Being a Texas native, where is the best place to party in Houston?

• I’m actually from Atlanta, but I’ve been in Houston, for a few years now. There are so many places to party, you really can’t go wrong.
3. Who or what inspires you?

• I’m inspired by people that don’t give up, the minorities, the individuals with the odds not on their side. I love the daredevils and the risk takers. The people that aren’t afraid to grab life by the horns and tackle it head on, are the ones that inspire me the most.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday , is there anything you can tell the readers about you that they may not already know?

• I have to listen to hood/trap music when I do photo shoots! Lol just gets me in the mood lol

5. Do you have any regrets from your time on Bad Girls Club?

• No because I learned some valuable lessons.

6. What advice do you have for anyone looking to audition for the show?

Make a plan before you go for life after the show. Use the show to your advantage & make the world remember you!

7. What would you say is your  “theme song”?

• hmm… Theme song? Lol I don’t have one. But I like the Drake x Future mixtape collab.

8. Are you and Jenna on good terms now?

• who? Chile no. 

9. On that note do you keep in touch with any of your former cast mates?

• Just the twins.

10. What’s next for you Jela?

• I’m working on my clothing line Normal Culture and I’m working my way into serious acting. So, hopefully you see me on the big screen soon.


Be sure to keep up with Jela on social media:

Twitter: @Jelaminah
Instagram: @Jelaminah
Snapchat: FineAssJela

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