#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Are You The One 3 Star Tyler Johnson

2015 was an incredible year for #TMITuesday, and this site. What better way to kick off the year than with an interview with MTV’s Are You The One 3 star Tyler “Tee Boogie” Johnson. We chat about the Backstreet Boys, AYTO, the fire mixtape we are making together,MTV’s The Challenge, and more in the first TMI of 2016. CHEGGIT OUT:


1. Since today is #TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

I absolutely can’t stand chicken wings and kool-aid ( LOL jk ) …. But I’m very very weird in a unique sense. I’m finding my artistic ideals : photography, paintings. I love different cultures. Huge nerd when it comes to anime and Japanese manga. Yea .. I’m totally weird hahaha! I guess you can say I’m a huge melting pot of different unique abilities.

2. What are your New Years resolutions?

I really don’t have resolutions. I feel like that’s a poor excuse to do something that you should have already done. People tend to attempt to be like the rest of the world and make this “resolution” and that quickly doesn’t last. You should always try and implement whatever your resolution was in your everyday life. 


3. Did you go onto AYTO for love, or money (or both?)

Who wouldn’t want a chance to win a huge cash prize! Money was definitely a factor. I was open to the idea of falling in love. I’ve never been in love. I’m raised old school. You can’t throw around the L word like so many basic people do when they don’t mean it. Have to let things happen natural. Ya know?

4. Yet again, MTV tossed another twist at the AYTO cast with a loss of the prize money for each week that you guys did not get all of the light beams/matches. What was your initial reaction to that? Would you prefer that, or the 11th girl twist from season 2?

First off, I saw Ryan devlin. There was an immediate fan girl reaction! Hahaha! But then all that ceased when they threw this BS at us. I thought it was gonna be something not as crazy. But then again, it’s MTV. I would prefer the 11th girl. Maybe I would have not Been friend zoned ( sheds tear LOL) 


5. What would you say is your “theme song”?

My theme song … Actually sometimes when I walk I think I’m in a music video sometimes since I get watched a lot so my mind plays all types of music. From Juicy to Notorious B.I.G to the Backstreet Boys!


6. Who is your “celebrity perfect match”?

Niykee muthaf*ckin Heaton. The things I would do to her ( Lawwwddd ) 

7. Do you still keep in touch with your match Cheyenne?

Of course that’s baby girl! I love that woman. We shared some great memories. She is doing so well. Shoutout to her and her family!! 

8. Which final match(es) shocked you the most this season, and which were no surprise at all?

The most shocking to me was Zak and Kayla. Even though I hate the kid ( loser ) the chemistry him and Hannah had was incredible. The match who wasn’t a surprise was Chelsey and Connor. She was determined and went with her heart. ( damn I sound like I should host a season )


9. MTV’s The Challenge has introduced Are You The One cast members to the show over the last two seasons. Whom from your season would you want to compete with?

The challenge needs more competitive people. I feel like they use people from our show who aren’t as physically gifted like me and a couple others. They think our show is a joke. I can guarantee if they put beasts like me Hunter, Connor, and Mike, we would dominate. Hands down.


10. What’s next for you, aside from our fire mixtape?

Yo we need to make these hits! Music needs us! But for me, I’m living life. It’s been a struggle for years; I didn’t have any sense of where I was going or what I wanted to do. But I really do believe that God Put me on this earth to entertain people. I really, and truly enjoy making people laugh and smile. Like I f*%kin’ love it. I’m taking things day by day and showing people that a guy like me, who had all odds stacked against him, can make it as well as everyone can! 

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