#MusicMonday: David Bowie: Visionary, Musical Icon, Starman.

It has been about a week since icon David Bowie passed away from an 18 month battle with cancer, and it has still not truly sunk in. Bowie’s music, and presence meant so much to so many people. A lot of arguments have been made that it is silly for anyone who did not know a celebrity personally should not be upset about their death; this is pile of bullsh*t to me. David Bowie’s music, and movements in the world became a part of my life, and so many others’ lives all over the world and to have the creator of those things be taken away is hard. 

Last week Twitter, and other social media platforms flooded with memories of the 69 year old singer. Late night talk show hosts such as Fallon, and Conan paid tribute to Bowie too:

The shock of David Bowie’s passing hit fans, and the world hard but it is said that his final track Lazarus from his final album Blackstar was a sort of goodbye. Proceeds from Blackstar sales go directly to cancer research too, stay classy Bowie.

In touching tributes by celebrity friends on Twitter, and Bowie’s wife Iman I think we all are grieving the starman together. Unfortunately for ex-wife Angie Bowie she was not informed of the news in the best way. While filming and competing on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother alongside Flavor of Love star New York, Geordie Shore star Scotty T and others, the reality star was removed from the house to be told of the passing. In a come up of chaos a fellow cast member, also named Bowie, was incredibly ill, and when Angie confided in New York to tell her of David Bowie’s passing, New York mixed up the Davids…

Needless to say, although that is what this entire post has been about, we lost a legend and the world is still weeping.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie

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