#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Circus Performer & Singer Bella Magic

Who doesn’t want to run off and join the circus?! This week’s feature made that dream a reality. Toronto’s own Bella Magic sat down to chat with me about circus performance, music, travel, and more in this week’s #TMITuesday interview.


1. Why this lifestyle? What drew you to it? 
Why the hell not? The allure of circus has a strong grip on many people! If It did not I would be out of a job.

The community has always been very supportive of it’s members so once you’re in. You’re hooked.


2. What is your favourite trick you do?

Anything I do with a contact juggling ball, it seems to be the most universal enchanting trick I have that can be used for just about any event.
bella gaia crystal
3. If readers were to see your training playlist what would be on it? 
WEEEEEEIRD stuff. I have a “Flow jam” list which has all the music on it that inspires movement buuuut thats doesn’t mean anything regarding the style of music I chose sooo with that being said you would find these songs currently :
Blackstreet – No diggity
Animals As Leaders – The Woven Web
Depeche Mode – Broken
ANY of Chopin’s Nocturnes
Chinese Man – Racing with the sun
Dead Can Dance – Persephone
Gorillaz – Spittin’ out the demons


4. What is the:

Best part about your job:

Being able to what I love with people I love. I think of the Dispatch Talent team as my circus family.

Worst part about your job:

When toddlers poop their pants at family events, I always feel so bad for them. It just gives me flash backs to when I was still pooping my pants… I’m not talking about that little one time incident that happened twice. Ok seriously though, in all honesty I think the worst part… or “worst” part of my job is feeling like it has a shelf life.

5. Since today is #TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you?


I sneezed and then pooped my pants when I was sick at home when I was 18.

6. Who or what inspire you?

MUSIC, horror films, Disney, conversations, culture, THE COSMOS just about anything could potentially spark an idea. Like many artists I pull from all my influences and spew out this delicious little creation.

7. Where is the best circus scene?

My best bet would be Europe ! I have to do more field work for ya on that one 😉

8. What would you say is your “theme song”? 

MiNETA – Circus

9. If you were to pick a hashtag to best describe you what would it be and why?

#Lazycircus because I always joke and say I connected with the three things in the circus that didn’t involve me being fit or flexible. THANKS MAGIC, JUGGLING AND HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE. I can still eat that slice of cake…..with a razor blade in it.

10. What’s next for you Bella?

A shower. Then hopefully one day I dream of being hired by some ritzy resort in an exotic land. I see a lot of performers get hired for 2-6 month contracts with hotels to be an in house performer for their high season. That would be a fun experience. Right now I’m still focused on training and writing before I get on any planes !

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