Mama Sin’s Surivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap 1


Reality TV love runs in the family, thus welcome to the first installment of Survivor: Kaoh Rong episode recaps! My mom, basically Joe’s #1 fan will be giving y’all a weekly recap of each episode!

The cast of Survivor: Kaoh Rong jump into the adventure of a lifetime!
1. We met the 3 tribes: Beauty, Brawn, and Brain.

2.Brawn Tribe: Jennifer got a bug in her ear.

3.Beauty Tribe: Beast Mode Cowboy made fire (he’s not Joe)

4.Brain Tribe: Audrey has an attack of sorts but makes up for it in the challenge.

5.Brain & Beauty win immunity while Brawn goes to tribal

6.Votes tied Darnell 3 Alecia 3

7.First person voted out Darnell

The Tribe/Mama Sin has spoken.

Stay tuned next week for an all new recap, and up to date with Mama Sin on Twitter