#FitnessFriday: InstaFitness

There are always an array of characters at the gym; the loud grunting guy, the woman hogging the treadmill, the person inhaling a protein bar assuming its a weight-loss snack, and of course, the selfie-taker.

Although its gym faux-pas to take selfies while working out, a lot of us are guilty of it. IT can however be used as a tool to track progress (i.e #TransformationTuesday). It can also be a fantastic motivator,  so I thought I’d show y’all some of my favourite fitness Instagram accounts.

Megan Prescott: @Megartron

The Skins star turned makeup artist- body builder babe has been filming a documentary “Megan Prescott: Dumbbells and Donuts” as a lead up to a big fitness contest this May. Prescott also posts food that is absolutely drool worthy.

ClassPass App: @ClassPass

The popular app utilizes the popularity of social media marketing by posting fun, and motivational fitness, and health pics.

Kevin Hart: @KevinHart4Real

The Ride Along 2 actor has been very open about his fitness journey on social media. Hart even copped a deal with Nike to release a line of cross trainers this year.

Ronda Rousey: @rondarousey

The figher-fangirl-badass posts a plethora of inspo.




Gary “Gaz” Beadle: @GazGshore

The reality TV star (MTV’s Geordie Shore, MTV’s Ex On The Beach 2) has his own fitness supplement line, and when hes not out getting mortal or filming is in the gym.

Jung Da Yeon: @jungdayeon

The Korean fitness guru and health writer became an Asian sensation and posts quite often.

Vicky Pattison: @vicky_gshore

Reality TV star, designer, and author Vicky Pattison is another Geordie Shore star turned fitness star,like her G-Shore alumni Charlotte Crosby, and Holly Hagan.
Pattison is also the owner of a supplement line “Mini V Nutrition”, and the star of a fitness DVD.
Vicky posts a lot of transformation photos, and healthy meals. Fitness is NOT about becoming thin, its about health.