Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 5 Recap

Not only is Mama Sin the 2015 champion of the official online Survivor game but was voted the equivalent to MVP this season, aaannnnnd she of course has your update for the latest episode! #SPOILERALERT

Time for a tribe mix up

Blue Tribe:

Yellow: Tai
Peter (Obama)

Julie picked the red buff and had to go to alone to her camp till after next TC.

New alliances are formed & Tai has a new friend in Scott who confessed to having a man crush on Tai. #bromance

Blue wins immunity and Yellow is off to TC

Tai thinks he may have to use his idol but Scott told him not to he wasn’t being voted out. Idol not played & Anna blindsided.

Anna 5th person voted out The tribe has spoken. BYYYYEEEE ANNA.

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