#MusicMonday: Artist Of The Week


I’ve been off for a minute but I’m back, and with some more dope music for your ears, and obsessions. This week I’ve got some local talent with the genre I can only describe as electronic alien, Canadian duo Cute Whore.

The group which is composed of LUX STONE & BABE LAURENT’s sound is almost cinematic, as are their music videos. It’s almost new soul (or no soul cult) meets old soul. The two, who are both actors, and yes from Degrassi but not all Canadian actors are from the show TYVM, provide a different genre from what we’re used to from the show’s talent.

Musically speaking I would recommend Cute Whore to fans of Lana Del Rey, grimes, Charli XCX, LOLAWOLF, and Brooke Candy. The visuals in their videos will not only give you some chills, but also give you a style boner bc damn. The pair only have a handful of videos up, but I need more, and y’all will too; I foresee them on Nylon Magazine in the near future for fashion, and tunes.

You can find more from the duo at:


Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new #TMITuesday interview with a cast member of MTV’s The Real World: Go Big Or Go Home