Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap

Better late than never, lets check out the latest recap from Mama Sin!

Even the chickens love Tai

Merge time!

Immunity Challenge: Balancing on a beam holding a disc with balls

Round 1 Joe, Debbie & Jason out

Round 2 Michelle. Neal, Scot, Sydney & Aubry out Round 3 Julia out

Now Tai & Nick left

Tai drops his balls

Nick wins immunity

Back at camp Jeff arrives with medics to look at all the various infections, Tai is deemed ok infections healing. Scot will be monitored. Aubry gets antibiotics. Neal pulled from the game, due to Mt St Neal erupting. Leaves with his immunity idol in his pocket.

No Tribal Council tonight.

The medics have spoken, and so has Mama Sin.

All new episode coming up soon, stay tuned for an all new recap