Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap

My mom was hella mad because I talked through so much of this episode…

Reward Challenge: Chinese Food Lunch
Two teams of four, each team were tied together to a rope; after unspooling themselves & unclipping themselves from the rope they had to throw sandbags at a series of blocks.

The first team to knock all their blocks off the ledge wins the reward

Scot Jason Tai & Julia win reward.

At the reward challenge Julia chose to go with the men, after they had hid all the tools and poured water on the fire.


The girls want to vote out Julia, but Debbie is not on board.

Immunity challenge: The castaways had to place tiles in a line while avoiding ropes that would knock over the tiles that were already placed. When all placed the castaway would start a domino effect that would drop the last tile on a platform at the other end to win immunity.

Julia wins immunity & also tells Scott the girls are splitting the vote to flush out any idols. The girls don’t trust Julia.

The plan then changes to vote Debbie, Joe is not on board.

TC Jason pulls out his idol & so does Tai. Jason gives his idol to Tai (can now be used as super idol after the votes are read)

Cydney 3 votes

Scot 2 votes

Debbie 4 votes

8th person voted out Debbie The tribe has spoken, and so has Mama Sin.