Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap

Mama Sin is back at it, and if you missed the last episode because Lemonade has taken over your life like it has mine then my girl has you covered.

Best Episode Yet!
Reward Challenge: Castaways had a choice of:
Love – Letter from home Julia & Joe
Food- burger, fries & a beer Scot, Jason & Michele
Advantage in the game- Tai, Cydney & Aubry

They must balance 2 clay pots on a beam with 1 foot. Julie wins letter Michele wins food Tai wins advantage. (Image from episode 2)

Extra vote Scot spoke to Aubry. If she votes with them (Cydney) things will return to normal. Aubry talks to Tai, he talks to Jason & Scot (the bullies) & realizes that they do what “they” want.

Immunity Challenge: Hold 2 discs with clay pots attached against poles using only fingertips.

Sadly Jason wins immunity. Jason gives his immunity idol to Scot & the plan is to use the super idol & Cydney will go home.

Tribal Council: Scot being very confident and told Jeff it was guaranteed that neither Tai Jason or himself were going home.
Time to vote!
Aubry 2 votes Tai 2 votes
Scot 3 votes

Scot looks to Tai nodding his head so does Jason. Tai looks at them both and shakes his head no.

9th person voted out: Scot

The Tribe has spoken, and so has Mama Sin.