Review: Mini V Nutrition by Vicky Pattison

Overview: Mini V nutrition system is the vitamin & supplement system from reality TV star VICKY PATTISON following her fitness dvd success.

Products: For this review I tried the burn,detox,and collagen food supplement capsules, protein bar, and the on-the-go mini shakes.I found it pretty simple to remember to take the supplements when needed. I certainly learned my lesson on when to and when not to take the ‘burn’ capsule. with a very high CAFFEINE intake I recommend not taking the supplement daily if you are not planning on working out that day. i did really enjoy the energy and lack of crash from burn though. the detox and collagen supplements are sneaky, because with any weight loss/fitness results are not instant but they do work. as for the tasty products I received, the on-the-go shakes are my favourite hands down. I like to mix mine with vanilla almond or cashew milk for taste, and to make the shake less heavy than with regular milk. The “on-the-go” label is true though, they are fantastic to pop in your bag to go. whereas the protein bar, which I had in orange-chocolate chip was not special but was good none the less. basically this range was great to get me ready for my workout, and honestly a hangover cure. seriously.

Also available: Mini V diet plan, protein chips, several other supplements, & protein powder

Price: RELATIVELY average prices for health products, Canadians remember that the company is UK based so prices are different for us, but quite worth it.

Rating: 9 fit,healthy, and happy Nikki’s out of 10.


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