Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap

My mom’s new obsession (thanks to me) The Challenge starts tonight, but this doesn’t stop her updates!

The majority alliance of Aubry, Cydney, Joe and Tai are targeting Jason next. Tai tries to explain to Jason why he voted out Scot but Jason is still pissed off.

Reward Challenge: Helicopter ride to picnic

Teams of 2 determined by random draw, Jason not picked & must sit out the teams must race through an obstacle course and retrieve 3 rings. The first pair to throw the all 3 rings onto a hook win. Cydney & Michele win and pick Aubry to join them.

Immunity Challenge:

Race out to a platform with a series of symbols with corresponding numbers they must memorize then race back to their stations use the numbers to get 1 of 8 keys the correct key would unlock a series of puzzle pieces with letters on them. First to spell the word wins immunity.

Michele wins immunity: Majority decides to vote out Julia. Michele & Cydney torn between voting Tai or Julia

Tribal Council 2 votes Tai 4 votes Julia

10th person voted out: Julia

The tribe has spoken, and so has Mama Sin.