Next Class Meets The Next Generation In Degrassi Reunion This Summer

I mean, I’m Canadian and an actress I sort of have to write about Degrassi no?

The long running, award winning Canadian drama that has dealt with teen issues for over 30 years, and helped me through some pre-teen problems back in the day has announced that some familiar faces will be making a return to the series.

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Entertainment Weekly reported: this Summer for the 500th episode, which will premiere on Netflix this Summer, Degrassi : Next Generation fan favourites including: Paige (Lauren Collins), Marco (Adamo Ruggiero), Emma (Miriam McDonald),  Liberty (Sarah Barrable-Tishauer), and Spinner (Shane Kippel).

Sadly, Drake will not be rolling on screen as Jimmy on Degrassi: Next Class but you can bet Degrassians of all ages are more than ready for this mini reunion.  

Fans are looking to find out what the characters have been up to, like:

Are Spinner and Emma still married?

If we can’t get over J.T Yorke’s death, how is Liberty still going?

Will Paige see Tori in the yearbook and think SHE SURE LOOK A LOT LIKE CRAIG’S SISTER AND ALSO LOOKS LIKE MANNY.

And probably also wondering why I am not on the show. Well some of my Twitter followers seem to wonder that.

Fans are the only ones excited about the reunion, Next Class cast members seem as jazzed about the on screen reunion as fans with Amanda Arcuri who plays Lola posting this on Instagram:

Summer Sixteen will be filled with all sorts of Degrassi alumni taking over it seems, catch Degrassi: The Next Class season 2, July 22nd on Netflix.  You may not continue to listen to ‘One Dance’ on repeat.