7 Reasons to Love MTV’s Alpha: Tyler Posey

It’s no secret that Tyler Posey is my #MCE, but he is also one of the most likeable people in TV today.  The actor who first made his way into our heart alongside Jennifer Lopez in Maid In Manhattan is the star of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Here are 10 reasons to love Posey:

1. His Snapchat:

Tyler’s Snapchat is basically his antics on set (a lot of poop jokes), behind  the scenes looks at Teen Wolf stuff, his adorable dogs, and his love of filters. It is grand.

2. His voice

Posey is a rockstar at heart, my pop punk prince, and he posts covers on his youtube channel that are actually quite good.

3. His friendship with on screen BFF Dylan O’Brien

I once tweeted that I’d love to just have a girly sleepover with these two and I still stand by that desire.

4. His love of animals

He spends a lot of time with his pups, and his fellow castmates’

5. His passion for motorcycles

Fast Times at T Pose High

7. He was in a Halsey music video

Although there are many reasons to love Tyler, these happened to make this list (probably a part 1 list tbh). This is something to tide you over until the Teen Wolf premiere which cannot come soon enough.