#BeautyBit: Powdered Sunscreen, A Make-up Lover’s Dream

Summer can be tricky for make up lovers who know that sunscreen needs to be applied every two hours (its true!). It can be hard on your face to constantly reapply, especially on top of your make up, but its important to wear it to avoid aging, and skin cancer. We have all ignored sun safety at least once in our adult lives, but theres now a solution (and SKIN CARE IS COOL OK?)

Luckily for all of us, Andrea Wetsel teamed up with MUA, skin cancer survivor, and skin safety savior Susan Posnick to create Brush On Block, a full-coverage, mineral-based and all-natural sunscreen, says People Magazine!

Brush On Block

The mineral sunscreen fits in your purse, murse,or even diaper bags! With an easy and non-oily application the all natural product is great for make up lovers as it can go right over your foundation, and kids too (no fuss, or less fuss at least). You can grab yours here at  anthropologie.com for around $32.