#BeautyBit: Celebrity Bangs

Most women learn early on if bangs are for them, such as myself where I tend to look like Hannah Montana and it is NOT the best of either worlds.

But a lot of celebrities are taking the fringey plunge and going for it. Some are risk-taking with the actual cut where some are rocking some clip-ons.

I may not be able to rock them but here are some celebrities who are, and are doing it well.

Kylie Jenner (photo via youbeauty.com)

The mini style icon is always experimenting with new hair (none of it ever being really hers) and has been sporting bangs at many fashion events this year.

                                             Zendaya (photo via seventeen.com)

Recording artist and Disney Channel star Zendaya is a favourite on the best-dressed list, and is a big fan of different hairstyles.

                                               Taylor Swift (photo via Vogue)

T Sweezy has been really into this messy look lately and tbh I foresee her rocking a pixie cut real soon and claiming it as a free feeling or whatever.

                                    Selena Gomez (photo via Cosmopolitan.com)

The superstar who is currently on her Revival tour ‘revived’ her Pantene famous hair with a little edge.

                                     Shay Mitchell (photo via Teen Vogue)

The Pretty Little Liars star had some fun with a wig and Snapchat, but is currently still rocking her signature long black locks, sans bangs.

                                          Emma Stone (photo via Pintrest)

Stone really suits bangs imo, whether it be with her signature red hair, or her new blonde look.

                                         Troian Bellisario (photo via Pintrest)

Apparently the cast of Pretty Little Liars are fan of bangs, and so are the stylists for the hit drama. Belliario’s character Spencer has been sporting bangs for the newest seasons. Meanwhile the artist, and actress continues to go without bangs in her real life.

The key is to be confident in your look, be bold, and love yourself! Tweet me at @thenikkisinMTV and let me know what your experience with bangs is!