#BeautyBit: Beauty On A Budget, Primer At a Prime Price

Any make-up junkie knows that it is not a cheap habit by any means but there are ways around spending $50+ on an item you will likely be using daily as part of your make-up and skincare routine. Growing up primer was not an item I used or even thought about buying although neither was concealer or setting spray but we all learn our lessons I was turned onto the product by a make-up artist friend of mine and was impressed by the benefits of it so much that it is not an integral part of my routine. So what are these benefits I speak of? Well here are a few:

-Softens skin
-Seal pores
-Make-up stays on longer
-Some contains anti-aging properties
-Can be used on any skin type or tone
-Easy application

Primer is applied after lotion prior to any make-up i.e concealer, foundation, CC/BB cream etc) and dries within a minute. But like any product there are some pretty pricey ones, and like any product there are alternatives within a budget for the products. Here are my top 3 budget friendly primers:

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water 1.0 oz – Under $20

Smashbox is great because its mostly affordable and available at Sephora and some drugstores select Shopper’s Drug Mart  Beauty Boutique locations). This particular primer is pretty great for photo shoots (on camera look) but with how water based it is, its not my favourite.

2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Primer Base – Under $15

I was a big fan of this product for a while unfortunately I didn’t like the shape of the tube so I opted for the #1 on this list. The product itself is great,, it mattifys your skin and gives it a smooth look.  It is also available in drugstores worldwide (i.e Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Walgreens, and Superdrug)

1.  Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer – Under $10

This is currently what is in my kit, and my favourite of the on budget products. It is super affordable light weight, and hasn’t irritated my skin whatsoever. You can grab it at any drugstore and with its low price it isn’t a huge commitment!

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