Lizzie McGuire’s BFFs: Where Are They Now?

We were all apart of Lizzie McGuire’s squad, or so we like to believe in our heads. But where are Miranda and Gordo now? Well according to here is what the two are up to:

Miranda Sanchez aka LaLaine Vegara

Then: She rocked the violin, and was always there for our girl Lizzie.

Now: Quirky Lalaine is now pursuing a music career (not as a violin player). She played bass guitar in the band Vanity Theft until 2011, but is now working on solo projects.

Adam Lamberg aka David “Gordo” Gordon

Then: He longed for Lizzie but always just wanted her to be happy.

Now: Adam hung up his acting shoes over eight years ago to focus on his studies. He majored in geography at University of California, Berkeley, works as a development associate at the Irish Arts Center in New York City and is currently completing a master’s degree in Public Administration.