#CinemaSunday: Honeymoon (2014)


“After the ceremony, comes the ritual”

It’s been months without a Cinema Sunday post, I was pretty focused on my studies, and fell off my usual 1-3 movies per day schedule. But a loyal friend, and avid reader of the segment asked me to bring it back SO I DID. In addition, the Fall is rolling around and that is when when horror takes it’s rightful place in cinema and  on screens. My reviews are back, and gorier than EVER. This week’s pick is certainly NSFW and I’m all over it, check out 2014’s ‘Honeymoon‘.


GENRE: Horror/Thriller/Mystery

Honeymoons are meant to be romantic right? Well whats more romantic than a cottage in the forest where no one can hear you scream and there’s no cell reception? For newlyweds Paul and Bea nothing is more romantic than that.  But this is a horror so it’s not all peachy for long, sometime in the night Paul discovers that his new wife Bea (who he calls his honeybee which is both cute and infuriating) is no where to be found within the cottage. BUT OF COURSE! He finds her in the spooky forest, because all forests are either spooky or magical. Bea’s stint in the forest does something to her, and she is no longer the honeybee she once was. There’s some creepy scenes of her being what I thought was possessed for half the film, gruesome sex scenes and lots of ominous music.

FUN FACT: Star Rose Leslie was on Game Of Thrones from 2012 to 201


I was hoping to see a bit more torture than what was presented which was none as the film was suggested to me for being “incredibly disturbing” . Siigggghhhhhhh.


8 out of 10 gruesome sex scenes

Who should watch this? 

Not your younger siblings
my future husband
William Drynan

Stay tuned Tuesday for an all new #TMITuesday with AYTO star Kaylen Zahara!

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