#CinemaSunday: Contracted (2013)

. While she believes she contracted an STI she instead picked up something far, far worse…Intro

I told y’all I was back! This week’s pick gets all sorts of strange, and well..detailed. 2013 was a pretty solid year for disturbing horror films and this week’s pick is no different with ‘Contracted‘.


GENRE: Horror/Thriller/STI Warning video?

No one wants to make that call, the “I may have given you an STI” call; Well for Samantha making that call would be the least of her worries. While she believes she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease it is actually something much worse.

FUN FACT: The film spawned a 2015 sequel


I feel like  the film depended a lot of its scenes of sexual nature and not enough on gore like it could have. I got a ‘Teeth‘ vibe from it?


5.5 STIs out of 10 (please see a doctor if you have 5-10 STis)

Who should watch this?

Miley Cyrus
Maybe my cousin Lisa?