A Secret They Can’t Keep: Pretty Little Liars To End After 7 Seasons

Since the pilot was aired back 2010, teen drama-mystery ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has had all of us afraid of A, wondering who A is, thinking we know who it is and then going back to the drawing board of A.

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Today, producers and execs of the show announced that season 7 would be the final season of the show (which was always the plan btw).

Rumors of a wedding in season 7 are making PLL fan go nuts with guesses (COME ONNNNN ARIA AND EZRA!!!), and we are all really hoping for any and all loose ends to be tied up. Sadly this is not the only hit show who announced it’s final season this Summer; MTV hit series Teen Wolf will be ending this next season (I am still too sad to really talk about it tbh).

Fans are both relieved, and horrified regarding the huge PLL announcement via Twitter today:

I’m certain this is not the last we will see of the stars of the show either, here are my predictions:

Ashley Benson aka Hannah : Will continue her film career and veer away from television

Lucy Hale aka Aria: Will pursue her country music career further

Troian Bellasario aka Spencer: I’m hoping for more music from her, but she has been working on several films and some directing

Shay Mitchell aka Emily: Blogging and fashion

Whether or not you stayed true as a fan and watch past season 4, or not I suspect you will tune in for the final season.


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