#CinemaSunday: Blair Witch (2016)


FALL IS HERE! ALL OF THE HORROR! ALL OF THE TIME! I went with a new film this week to switch it up. I typically avoid films still in theaters for my reviews but I was surprised by this one. Let’s check out Blair Witch for an all new generation of horror fans, and the OGs too.



GENRE: Horror/Found Footage

Yes this is a remake, but hear me out okay.

After video footage of his sister who went missing when he was just 4 years old, James and his friends head out to the forest to find out what happened. Spooky forest (spoopy even!), found footage, you get the deal.



Much like the Evil Dead remake, I really enjoyed the film. A lot of jump scares, but that is to be expected from the genre. I found the characters to be a little less than exciting but there story arc stayed true to original film. There were a few good laughs ifyou havea dark sense of humor as well.


Image result for pretty good larry david


Who should watch this?

Larry David
My mom since she wouldn’t let me watch the original when I was young

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