#BeautyOnABudget: Micellar Water

I’m a pretty open person about how much make-up I wear, and if the products are not removed properly it can be quite damaging to your skin. It is never too early to establish a skincare routine. Micellar water is a a fantastic option when it comes to a cleanser, and I am on board with it. But do you want to feel like you’re paying too much for something that really just sounds like water with oil in it? In this #BoB post I’m going to share 3 brands of micellar water all under $20 dollars, and available in most drug stores, and online.

Brand: Sukin
Price: Under $10
Key Ingredients: Green tea, and cucumber

Brand: Garnier
Price: Under $15
Key Ingredients: Nothing pronounceable

*note: this is the current brand I am using*

Brand: Nivea
Price: Under $10
Key Ingredients:  Nothing pronounceable  



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