#CinemaSunday: Most Likely To Die (2016)


Okay, okay I should have been doing Cinema Sunday all of October for Halloween, I’m sorry. For some of us, horror is year-round though so I think it’ll all be okay. I’m back with a 2016 horror b-movie with a familiar face in it that you would not expect to see. My choice this week is titled ‘Most Likely To Die‘ and stars, no joke here, Perez Hilton.


GENRE: Slasher/B-Movie

Prepping for a 10 year highschool reunion, a group of former teenage friends get together for a few days in a mansion to catch up.


Also, prepare for a hilarious back story of a bullied kid.


I enjoyed the film far more than I thought I would, for a random Netflix pick. In terms of slashers it would barely break my top 15 but it wasn’t a total waste of my time. Perez actually did quite well, better than I anticipated.


8 Perez Hilton photo watermarks out of 10

Who should watch this? 

Paris Hilton
your bff
that guy at work who always asks you out but you always say no