The U.K Kylie Jenner: Geordie Shore Star Chloe Ferry Slays Instagram

Since the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge is a thing of the past, but Jenner is not. And well the internet is full of Karashian/Jenner “lookalikes” U.K reality star Chloe Ferry takes it to a whole new level.

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To be fair, Ferry was trying to emulate Jenner in the photo from the shoot above, but the two have quite a bit in common regardless.

1. Reality TV stardom:

Kylie Jenner got her start as the youngest of the family on the reality TV hit ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘, whereas Chloe Ferry got her start on the MTV series ‘Geordie Shore‘.

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2. Clothing ranges:

Both ladies are in the fashion industry, Chloe has a range with MISSBELLA, and Kylie has her range with sister Kendall under Pacsun.

Image result for kylie jenner pacsun

3. Apps, but I think we know which is more popular…

Kylie Jenner has her ever popular game with sister Kylie, and her own style and lifestyle app. Whereas our girl Chloe has an app that launched earlier this month with her Geordie Shore family. So the answer to “is there a Chloe Ferry sticker for my Instagram pics?!” question is yes.

Image result for geordie shore app

4. Hair and Cosmetic lines

Although Chloe’s cosmetics’ line is fairly new, it is also matte and lip gloss products.
Her hair range is with Lauren Pope, fellow UK reality star, and her company Hair Rehab London. Kylie has her HUGELY successful cosmetics, an extensions with Bellamy.

Image result for kylie jenner makeup products

5. Cosmetic surgery

I am in no way shaming these ladies, do you, but both have admitted to having lip enhancements.

Image result for chloe ferry kylie jenner


7. Fans of Lily Lashes

Both stunning ladies have been spotted sporting the lashes

Image result for lilly lashes

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